I just noticed today that our lovely cherry trees are in bloom! They’re so pretty with their dark, spindly bark contrasted with the splendid little white flowers. Now it really feels like spring! It’s in the seventies and sunny right now and I love, love, love it! I can’t believe that not so long ago it was cold with snow on the ground and everything looked dead. Wow, spring is sooooo much better! It’s warm, the grass is green, and everything is coming back to life. This is a photo of the first butterfly I’ve seen this year. I was just going to get a quick snapshot of some cherry blossoms and this little guy flew right on over. Of course this is the only photo I was able to get of him though because as soon as I moved to try & get a good shot of him he flew away. The only thing that I am not enjoying about spring is the woodticks. Eeeeewwwww! They’re everywhere! I JUST had one crawling on my leg and am always pulling them off of the dogs who of course bring them into the house and give me a case of constant paranoid creepy crawlies.


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