Looking Forward To….

I get in these little ruts where I start to feel sad or bored but then try to remind myself of the things coming up and try to feel optimistic.

This Summer:

  • Kathy & Jim’s cabin
  • Chicago camping trip
  • Tubing (not yet planned but hopefully soon will be)

This Fall:

  • Hopefully going to New York to visit my cousin Kaelyn who is moving there.
  • The birth of Jessie & Max’s baby, either Dexter or Ayda (don’t know which it’s going to be yet) I’ve been thinking Ayda the whole time but who knows. It’s always a 50/50 chance.
  • My uncle Paul’s wedding

This Winter:

  • Hawaii

I know this is a small list but hopefully it will fill in a bit with miscellaneous get-togethers with friends & family.


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