4th of July

This past weekend we went up to my aunt Kathy & uncle Jim’s cabin up on Mille Lacs Lake. This has been a little family tradition to get everyone together at their cabin once a year for many years now. It’s so nice up there! The lake is wonderful and perfect for swimming with plenty of fun waves, all sand beach, and the water is really shallow for quite a ways out so it’s safe for the kids to play in. The breeze is almost constant which is awesome because it keeps the bugs away and it doesn’t get too hot. On Saturday night there was also a huge mayfly hatch and everything was just covered. The little girls were freaking out and it was annoying to continuously have to pluck them off. I had a good time except for getting too much sun on Saturday. I spent a lot of the day out on the dock watching the kids swim and talking to Diane, Paige, & Rick. So I got burned fried by the wonderful and evil sun! I can’t remember ever being burned this bad. Ever. My knees, ankles, & feet were so bad that they swelled up! I haven’t been able to bend my knees all of the way until today so it’s getting a little better but now I’m blistering which is sooo attractive!

(all photos)


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