Illinois Camping Trip Day 1 (July 15th)

My first day of camping consisted of waking up at 3am, getting all packed up, driving to and meeting at Jessie & Max’s at 6am, getting the cars packed up (kind of like a crazy tetris game), very long car ride, finding our campsites, getting our tents set up in the sweltering heat, going to the beach, braving the freezing water of Lake Michigan, playing some card games, and receiving the first of many mosquito bites.

Max & Josh were the first to brave the icy waters. A little bit later a few of us jumped in for a brief moment to escape the heat. It’s quite a shock to go from ninety degrees to less than sixty degrees. I stayed in for a total of ten minutes which wasn’t that bad after everything went numb.

Josh cooling Lynsie off with a cold, wet hug.

Jessie’s pregnant belly compared to Josh’s non-pregnant belly.

Phil & Jessie.

Time for some card-playing:


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