Illinois Camping Trip Day 2 (July 16th)

When it’s so hot outside the beach is very necessary, even if the water is freezing at least there is a little bit of a breeze that comes off of the lake:

I don’t know how Phil can stand sitting out in the sun with all of his clothes on and never getting into the water.

We decided to go to Dairy Queen for some refreshing ice cream:

Back at the campsites:

Lynsie happens to be scared of the dark. That’s not a good thing to be while camping. Here she is using Jessie as a human shield on a walk back from the restroom:

On our way to the restroom before going to sleep three guys with flashlights showed up on the trail a ways behind us. They were asking where we were going. I turned back to shine my flashlight on them but they were too far off and could only see flashlights shining back. The three of us (Jessie, Lynsie, & I) just figured that they were a group of drunk guys so heck no we weren’t going to stop for them. Then one yelled at us telling us to stop again saying that he was a park officer. We said that we thought he was just one of our friends and he said something like “I don’t care who you think I am, when I tell you to stop you stop!” Then he asked where we were going and we told him that we were going to the bathroom and he finally left us alone. What a douchebag! Why would we stop for a group of strange men that we don’t know?! When we got back to the campsite Phil said that he was about ready to tackle one of them and wanted to file a complaint for harassment.

Another little story from the night is that earlier that night Lynsie & Jessie saw a raccoon run past the tents so I decided to take the garbage out of mine and offered to take the garbage out of Lynsie and Josh’s tent also but Josh said they would be fine. The rest of the night we proceeded to tease poor Lynsie about raccoons and things that go bump in the night. I was even throwing rocks into the grass to freak her out up until she caught me mid-throw. Fast forward to 3am. I wake up to Lynsie freaking out and shutting herself into the car, Josh trying to calm her down, and plenty of rustling and thumping sounds outside of my tent. Then I hear Lynsie say “should we wake Sarah up?!” So I say “Okay guys, what’s going on out there?” “Oh my God Sarah, a raccoon broke into our tent!” Huh?! So I come out of my tent and Josh shows me a perfect little 90 degree angle cut that the clever little raccoon bastard somehow made to break into their tent and steal food while Josh & Lynsie were asleep until Lynsie heard rustling, turned on the flashlight, and saw a raccoon inside of their tent looking right back at her. So I ended up helping to pick up food that the raccoon left outside while it was making a break for it and we put the rest of the food away in their car trunk. I went back into my tent while Josh & Lynsie drove off in search of duck tape. When they came back I went back outside and the raccoon showed back up looking for the frosted flakes cereal it had dropped while running away. I tried to shoo it away but it wasn’t scared of me so josh grabbed a stick and chased it away. At least we had a couple of stories to tell from this night.


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