Impromptu Chicago Trip

Last week my lovely T.I. ladies were talking about the Chicago trip they were going to be going on in just a couple of days. Somehow we started talking about days off and when they realized that I had Thursday and Friday off I was immediately invited. So I didn’t have much time since it was the end of the work day Monday and we were all leaving right after work on Wednesday. How very spontaneous! We stayed at Kayla’s in-laws place in a suburb of Chicago and let me tell you, they were one crazy couple (in a good way)!

I already uploaded most of the photos I took with my phone while I was there so now for a few out of my camera:

We parked at Navy Pier and did a little walking around. We didn’t think that it would be too crowded because it was only Thursday but the tall ships were in town so there was quite a few people.

One of the first things we did was go on the ferris wheel:

Me & Brandi

Kayla & Amber

We decided to take a water taxi to the Willis Tower:

Once we got there it was a one minute ride up (my ears popped twice) to the 103rd floor.  The view was amazing! I’m used to looking up to skyscrapers, not looking down at their roofs! Of course the main reason for going up there is to step out onto the skydeck. There are three separate glass boxes that extend out from the building which you can walk out onto & look down through the glass. I thought that it would make me shaky & dizzy like heights normally do but this (1,353 feet above the city) barely even fazed me! 

Don’t look down!

We ended up taking the water taxi back to the Navy Pier for a bite to eat. We had some pizza at Cielo.

Brandi & I split a Mediterranean veggie pizza which was sooooo delicious!

Back to walking around on the pier. We strolled through the little stained glass museum, did some browsing in the shops, & played with some very unflattering fun-house mirrors.

That night Brandi got a surprise birthday cake!

There was also some baby bump love.

Before going home Brandi said that she needed some Popeyes chicken:

Kayla’s car got a flat 😦

We pigged out at Sonic.

And Amber got to try a Chicago Dog.

Finally back in Minnesota!


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