Life Lesson #48: When planning a birthday surprise party make sure that the birthday girl/boy is actually going to show up.

On Monday Brandi came up with a plan to surprise Amber on her birthday after work with cupcakes & balloons. So right after work Brandi, Anthony, Kayla, & I did some quick grocery shopping then went to Brandi & Amber’s house to blow up some balloons & make cupcakes. Amber was out with a friend of her’s eating dinner and we thought that she would be right back after that so we could surprise her. Well we ended up waiting a long time and found out that Amber was out having fun at bars so we decided to wait a little longer and play some dominoes. Kayla & I ended up leaving at about 10:30 because of work the next morning & never got to see Amber 😦 Oh well, Amber had fun that night anyways. So yes, make sure that the birthday person is actually going to be home for you to surprise them! This photo is of me & Kayla holding the cupcakes to prove to Amber that we were there 🙂


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