Brandi, Amber, Teresa, & Sarah at Valentino’s for Amber’s birthday last night.

We had a pretty good time except for one thing. I was literally stalked for a good part of the night. When we first got there Sarah and I were standing in a doorway waiting for the other girls who were talking to the DJ when two guys walked past us and one of them got really close to me and said “hey beautiful”. Okay, not thinking much of that since we’re in a club and surrounded by a bunch of slimy guys and that’s to be expected. A little after that we go and sit at a table with our drinks. I make the observation that there are a couple groups of guys creeping around our table checking us out and of course one of them happens to be the guy that approached me earlier. He walks over to me and asks/says something and I say no assuming that he wants to dance or something because I can’t hear/understand what he’s saying. He says “why not?” and I just say no again shaking my head. He presses his fingers against his lips and blows me a kiss and leaves, going back to stand where he is still in view. I joke with the girls a bit about it and go on with our business. Amber & Teresa are standing next to the table dancing and Mr. creeper is just a couple of feet away from our table facing me and dancing, trying to get my attention. Of course I avoid eye contact at all costs and try to go on with our evening. He gets a little closer to our table and I shake my head “no” at him. He sort of turns away with his hand on his head and goes about his business for a bit but comes back towards the table dancing again. We all decide to go out on the dance floor where we are momentarily left alone to have fun. Well guess what? Mr. creeper tries to sneak over to me about three separate times and we decide that it’s time to head to the restrooms upstairs and decide to stay up there off of the dance floor and away from Mr. creepy. We’re left alone for a bit but guess who decides to come upstairs? He tries to come towards me again but the girls block him and tell him off. He goes downstairs and blows me a kiss from the dance floor. (The club has an open floor plan where the space above the dance floor is open with railing around the top floor.) He continues to make his little stalking rounds coming upstairs a few times trying to get near me, walking past, standing across the room & watching. During one of his rounds I had my back turned because I was looking down on the dance floor and all of a sudden felt something swipe across my back and move my hair. I turned around but didn’t see what had happened. The girls say that he just came by and sniffed my hair. What kind of psycho does that?! Okay, a little freaked out now. So of course he comes back upstairs and tries to approach me again and even before I see him coming towards me Brandi rushes over threatening him. (Brandi was pretty much my body guard that night) A waitress walks over towards him too and finally the bouncers get their crap in gear and kick him out of the club. The rest of the night was pretty normal and I did find myself being pretty paranoid whenever a guy would walk past with a similar looking shirt on. It’s time to get going so we walk out to our cars in the parking lot and guess who’s sitting on Brandi’s car? That’s right, Mr. Creeper. I keep on walking straight for my car with Sarah and we leave as quickly as we could while trying to make sure that he didn’t follow us. (Don’t worry, Brandi was fine. She threatened his life again too.) I was so distracted and nervous that I actually forgot to turn on my lights until we were pretty far down the street. So there you have it, my first ever (& hopefully only) real stalker story.


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