Dexter Lincoln

Congratulations to Jessie & Max on the birth of little Dexter! He was born on October 12th at 2:37 pm, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.

Yesterday I was able to get off of work early enough to drive up to the hospital to see their new little family.

The little guy was wide awake.

Jw holding him.

Lynsie’s turn. This little guy is going to have millions of photos since his mommy is a photographer plus everyone else’s photos!

Then I had a little go at holding him. Let me just say that I have never held a newborn before and was beyond nervous and uncomfortable with it. (which is why I’m sitting in the photo) They’re just so tiny and squirmy and I just don’t know what to do or how to act. It’s just so weird because everyone else seems so natural and at ease holding them. Seriously, I really haven’t had much contact with babies at all through my life but I have to try and get used to it now since it seems like everyone is having them. I’m surrounded!

When I was holding him he started to cough up some left over amniotic fluid so I quickly passed him over to mommy.

The whole “monday crew” was there visiting.

Grandma Maya.

Being wrapped up like a little burrito.

Maybe Lynsie won’t have to wait very long to have one of her own looking at the way Josh was holding the baby 😉

Mommy Jessie

& Daddy Max.

Just as we were leaving auntie Joy stopped by too.

(all photos)


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