Waylon Glenn

Congratulations to Kayla & Travis on their new baby boy, Waylon! Monday morning Kayla sent out a message saying that her water had finally broke. All day at work Amber and I were getting updates from Brandi who was at the hospital. After work I stopped off at home really quick (at which time I checked my phone to see that Brandi sent a message 15 minutes ago saying that she was pushing now) to grab my camera and head into town to the hospital. Right as I was arriving at the hospital Amber sent me a message saying “We’ve got a screamer!”. I sort of chuckled to myself thinking that she was talking about Kayla. Well she was talking about Waylon already! I ended up getting to the hospital about 20 minutes after he was born. Kayla only had to push for 30 minutes! A group of us then hung around outside of the door for a while waiting to see them and eventually we were let in. Here’s a few of the photos I took:

Grandma Debbie.

Brandi, who was at the hospital all day.

Anthony, Brandi’s boyfriend.

Uncle Dakota.

Grandma Melissa.


Daddy Travis.

He looks just like his momma!

His hands and fingers were of great interest to him.

The poor little guy had to get drops in his eyes and a few shots. He was NOT happy about it!

I did take a photo of Kayla too before I left but she probably wouldn’t like it too much if I posted it. She was very tired.


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