The Second Snowstorm Of The Year. Already!

I can’t believe that we already just had our second snowstorm of the year! I remember years when there was barely any snow or it wouldn’t snow until right before Christmas. Well this time it didn’t hold back at all, we completely got dumped on with a whole load of fluffy white snow. Before the storm started they were saying something like we were supposed to get 3-6 inches. Of course we ended up getting MUCH more than that. I woke up to about 11 inches of snow this morning! Yikes! At least we don’t really have to shovel anymore because my dad now has a plow for his Rhino. I got off of work at about five last night and that wasn’t a fun ride at all! The snow had started at about two so there was already quite a bit on the road. I’ll admit that I did do a little bit of skidding too. Here’s a few pics from today:

Our dogs pretty much have to bound through the snow. I think that Gracie likes it 🙂

I try to be a good puppy mommy and take an equal number of photos of both Gracie and Luke but Luke has the whole looking away from the camera thing down to a science.


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