The Holidays Are Upon Us

Yesterday I drove over to Brandi’s to take some holiday photos of her & Anthony. Let’s just say that it was a very cold photo shoot (16 degrees). I don’t think that I’ve ever had to use my camera while wearing mittens before. Of course they had it worse since they weren’t wearing any outerwear. At least it was at their house so we could run in for a quick warm up a few times and drink hot chocolate 🙂

After we were done with the photos we ate some veggie pizza along with some left over Halloween candy and played a few games of dominoes. Brandi won all three games. I seriously doubt that I’ve ever won a game of dominoes in my life. Sad, I know.

Anthony, Brandi, & Dylan in the only photo that Dylan actually cooperated in and looked at the camera.

Anthony was kind enough to take a couple of Brandi & I:

Some mistletoe action.

Besides these photos I really have been trying to get myself into the holiday spirit which can be quite hard for me but I really am trying! Like giving holiday music a chance. There are very few that I really like but I’m forcing them upon myself and am even putting together a holiday music playlist to play this year at our family’s party. Oh yeah, we’re having Christmas at our place this year. Yikes! My dad’s family has this whole little system where he and his siblings rotate who has Christmas each year so every six years or so it’s our turn. There’s so much to do & so little time since we’re having it a whole week before Christmas. My dad set up the tree Saturday and yesterday I bought the lights for it (we don’t know where our lights are, that’s how long ago we hosted Christmas) and put the ornaments on. Less than two weeks to go and it’s going to be crazy!


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