Snow Storm #3

This past snow storm was so bad that it was a record breaker. It ended up being number five in recorded history for the metro area with 17.1" at the airport and some places getting more than 20". I’m not quite sure what the total was here because of all of the blowing and drifting snow from the blizzard. Some parts of the yard are almost bare from the wind while other parts have snow drifts taller than me! For most of our yard the snow is about waist deep making it impossible to walk through. So right now to feed the chickens I can only take one way where the snow is the most shallow. Of course to get over there you have to get through one of the humongous snow drifts. The day after the storm my dad took care of the chickens and sort of walked/climbed over the drift. He thought that was too difficult so instead of walking back down it he just rolled 🙂 So these past couple of days I’ve just been clumsily stepping into his old tracks/holes to get up and down the drift/hill and I finally decided that I’ve had enough of that!

So today I shoveled right through the smallest part of the drift.

A couple more pics:

There’s a bench somewhere under that bird feeder, I swear! Also, That snow comes up to the back windows of our house. The windows are as high as I am tall.

Our back sliding door. Again, the bottom of those back windows are as high as I am tall, making that drift taller than me. You can sort of see a little bit of our grill escaping out of the side.


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