Christmas 2010

So this year there was good and there was bad. I’ll start out with the good. Last Saturday we hosted my dad’s side family party at our house. We had plenty of food, beer, and fun! I do love spending time with the extended family!

I ended up giving Eric & Craig their Christmas gifts early that night so they could wear them. For some reason Craig has asked for a poncho for the past two years so that’s what I got him, an alpaca poncho made in Peru 🙂

Tracy’s new baby, Melody.

Christmas happens to be the perfect time to get your photo taken with your family since it’s the rare occasion when everyone is together and dressed decently.

Darcy, Jessica, & I.

Payton & Deja.

Deja & Emily.

Every year my aunt Mary Ann makes all of us a Christmas ornament:

Eric in his alpaca cardigan got him for Christmas. 

Okay, so the bad. I had to work on Christmas and miss out on my mom’s side party 😦 I really don’t get to see them very often so it makes me pretty sad. It’s bad enough that I had to work and it also ended up being a horrible day at work. I felt very grinchy & grumpy indeed. It didn’t even feel like Christmas. So I’m just going to say that Christmas was actually last weekend & to forget all about this past Saturday.


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