Do you ever feel like your dreams are trying to tell you something? I’m starting to think that mine are. They all seem to have the same theme lately – escape. It feels like they’re almost yelling it at me. The perfect example of this would be the dream that I had last night.

It involved me being trapped in some sort of compound surrounded by high walls and fences. It was cold, dark, & winter. There was some sort of mass hysteria with everyone running around, trying to escape from this place knowing that if we stayed here we would die. There seemed to be only one way out, a shorter wall that everyone was trying to climb over but the tyrants or whoever was in charge were making a game of shooting people that were trying to escape that way over the wall. Some were making it over but not many. Everyone was running in that direction towards the wall in a big crowd including me, desperate to make it out of the compound. All of a sudden I was running alone. Somehow I had veered off to the right and was running past that wall and out of sight of everyone else. I thought that I had found a different way out. I climbed over a tall fence with barbed wire at the top and thought that I had escaped and kept running but I kept coming upon more fences again and again. It was like there was no way out. Obstacles kept coming at me for what seemed like hours. Finally I made it through the last fence. All of a sudden I was somewhere completely different. It was beautiful and warm. Cobblestone streets and old colorful buildings. I then found myself with other refugees and cried out of happiness with them, happy to be alive together away from that horrible place.

This really isn’t normal for me. Usually I have very pleasant dreams but lately most of them are like the one above. They involve me running from something or someone, hiding, or finding new places/secret doors/rooms, that sort of thing. I guess that I feel trapped in my life right now. It’s not what I want it to be. I feel like I’m underwater holding my breath & becoming frantic, drowning. I’m waiting for that moment where I can break the surface and breathe fresh air into my aching lungs. For a moment of clarity where everything feels right and I know that I’m going to be OK.


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