This past Saturday I actually got to go out with some of my cheese heads! I drove up to Josh & Lynsie’s place and we headed from there to meet JW at Applebee’s. It had been so long since I had been to one and let me tell you, they don’t have anything vegetarian on the menu at all. The waiter was kind enough to tell me that they do make veggie pizzas, an item they don’t have on the menu so I went with that and a mojito. Delicious! We still had a bunch of time to kill after dinner because we weren’t meeting Jewells and Rachel at the bar until 10 so we stopped at the gas station where I chugged down a Starbucks Double Shot (I was very tired from lack of sleep the previous night. Darn insomnia!) Then we decided to hang out at the Agave Kitchen for a bit.

After that we went over to Dick’s where we met up with Jewells and Rachel.

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to fit six people in an “at arm’s length” photo.

Our last stop for the night was Ellie’s:

I wish I could have more weekends to hang out with friends!


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