This morning started out bad. I left the house a few minutes late and then got stuck behind a truck that insisted on driving 10-15mph under the speed limit almost the whole way to work. Then when I got to work there was no cart on my floor so I left my supplies on my floor in search for a cart a couple of floors up. When I got back to my floor this new girl was there and when she saw me she made a mad dash for the elevator looking guilty and hiding something behind her back. OK, that was odd. What did she take? Hmmm, my mop heads. That sneaky little bitch. She saw me bring them to my floor and set them there when I had to go looking for a cart so she decided to steal them while I was on another floor. And she took both. She didn’t even leave one for me. I was furious even though thankfully the laundry room had a few spare ones to use. At least I now know that I can’t trust her and not to leave anything unattended when she’s around. It just pisses me off when people are untrustworthy like that. We’re co-workers. We’re supposed to help each other out, not steal from one another. So anywho my day started to turn around for the better when I got into my fourth room and that (the photo) was waiting for me 🙂 It’s not very often that I feel appreciated at work so I love guests like this. even though this doesn’t happen very often it does go to show that there are nice people out there that appreciate people that work in guest service positions.


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