King Tut & Gelato

Today Eric, Tana, Amber, & I went to the Science Museum to go see Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs.  Unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the exhibit so I couldn’t get any photos 😦  I was so excited for this because I’ve been somewhat of an Egypt freak ever since elementary school. So yeah, pretty cool 🙂 It was pretty hard to keep my hands to myself in there. All of those ancient engravings & statues were just calling out to be touched… I really loved the giant, megalithic type statues of Tutankhamun and especially the one of his father, Akhenaten (a personal favorite of mine). Seeing those in person just makes me want to go experience Egypt even more.

After the museum we walked over to Cossetta Italian Market & Pizzeria for some Italian goodness. After we stuffed ourselves past the point of our stomachs bursting we also decided to get some gelato.


Tana, me, & Amber

Our gelato! Amber also got tiramisu & Tanna also got a cannoli. This was my first time eating gelato and it was molto delizioso! I got a scoop of all three flavors (pistachio, vanilla, & strawberry).


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