The Past Few Weekends

*Warning* Very long, photo-heavy post.

Okay, so I guess I’ve been slacking on this a bit. Let’s see… on June 25th we went to my cousin Brett’s golden birthday/graduation party.

I got to see my cousin Jamie’s newest addition, Maci.

Amy, Renee, & Carol.

Robbie & Kristi.

Brett & Grandma.

Mom, Brett, & I.

The next weekend on July 2nd I went tubing down the Apple River with some friends. If I had to describe what the Apple River is like I’d say something like a small river mardi gras?

We decided to walk from Josh & Lynsie’s to a pick-up point down the road. A few feet from the house and one of the coolers fell over, spilling it’s contents onto the street.

Jessie getting a little ride.

Me, Lynsie, & Jessie on the bus ride to the river.

Tying together our 14 tube raft (12 people & 2 coolers).

Once we got on the river it was mostly chilling out with some lots of beer. Of course we made a few stops along the way where we encountered some, uh interesting characters. I’ll try not to post any photos that are too embarrassing…

Sorry about this. I should have warned you to shield your eyes. There was this group of guys having a bachelor party and they spotted me with my camera. Oh well, photo opp!

A little further down the river at the next stop one approached me with chocolate syrup all over his face and he requested me to “clean him up” (meaning lick it off). Instead I took some river water and splashed it on his face 🙂 I mean, c’mon!

Me, JW, Ali, Dan, Lynsie, & Jessie. That guy standing behind us flexing & screaming isn’t in our group but I think it’s pretty funny anyway.

Now this weekend I’m working. During pow wow 😦 It’s bad. Really bad. Like we talk about the horrors of it at work all year long and dread this weekend. Oh well, after next weekend I have six Saturdays off in a row! Of course almost all of them are filled up with bachelorette parties & weddings!


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