Jessie’s Bachelorette Party

On Saturday it was time for Jessie’s bachelorette party! We met up and got ready at the hotel where we had a couple drinks and the other girls had jello shots:

Then it was time to walk over to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. I thought that I was being so smart by wearing cute flats instead of heels because of all of the walking we would be doing and I ended up getting really nasty blisters on the back of my heels anyway! When it comes to cute footwear I guess I just can’t win! At least the nice waiter at The Hard Rock gave me a couple of band-aids 🙂

At The Hard Rock Cafe.

Lynsie & I.

Ashley & Rachel.

Jessie & her aunties, Laura & Jennifer.

The whole group. Me, Rachel, Lynsie, Jennifer, JW, Laura, Jewells, & Ashley.

After The Hard Rock we hung out for a little outside at Kieran’s Irish Pub for a drink.

Lynsie & Jessie.

Rachel & Ashley.

Jessie & Rachel. 

Then it started to get really windy & started to rain. We decided it was time to move on and said goodbye to Jessie’s aunts. We thought that maybe we should use the Skyway because of the rain but that didn’t quite work out.

So back to the streets, which was fine because it was only drizzling and stopped completely soon after. On our way we stopped for a bit to figure out where we were heading on the sidewalk outside of this pizza place where we got quite a bit of attention from the worker inside through the window. When it was time to start walking again he tapped on the window and gave me one of those charming Italian finger kisses/ air kisses 🙂

We ended up taking shelter in Drink.

Then it was on to Aqua Nightclub:

These guys ended up merging into our group until we left at which point one came all of the way to the door yelling my name and wanting my number. Rachel ended up giving him her old number 😉 That’s what friends are for, thanks Rach!

Not many of you may know this, but street signs also double as dance poles 😉  No, just kidding. There wasn’t any dancing, just posing for a pic.

After Aqua we decided to go to Envy but that was a bust. it was really small and crowded so we left after a short time and went back to Drink for the rest of the night.

A couple of the ladies decided to ditch their uncomfortable heels.

A few Twins fans ultimately became our fans. Well, until one accidentally knocked Lynsie’s drink on the floor. Shattered glass on the floor is no good especially when she’s not wearing shoes. She also got a tiny cut on her finger.

At the ING building. Of course Lynsie decided that she wanted to go into the water and Ashely went in too.

Back at the hotel in our jammies:


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