Jamie & Bob’s Wedding

This past Saturday was my cousin Jamie’s wedding πŸ™‚

My cousin Brett with Jamie’s mother & daughter, Renee & Maci.

Bob & his mom.

My cousin Jake, Jamie’s brother.

Uncle Chuck & Jamie.

The ring bearer (Kaleb, Jamie’s son) & flower girl look so enthused πŸ˜‰

My dad & brothers.

My brothers & I.

Dad & Mom.

Sidney, Hannah, & Amanda. Sidney totally always hams it up for the camera.

Aunt Carol & Andy.

Uncle Gregg & Robbie.

Teri & Anna.

Grandma & uncle Mike.

Me & Grandma.

Family photo! A very rare occurrence. I think the last one was maybe early 2009?

My uncle Paul dancing with the girls.

Denise, Kathy, Jeff, & Paul.

Christie & Kristie.

Father-daughter dance.

Mother-son dance.

Bouquet toss. My cousin Samantha caught it πŸ™‚

Aunt Mary & Mom.

Aunt Amy sneaking more booze into drinks.

Amanda, Hannah, Sidney, & Gage.


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