North Shore Trip (Day 1)

I had been wanting to go up to the north shore this fall since I hadn’t been up there since 2006 and this year was going to be perfect to see the fall colors. Craig loves northern Minnesota and is up there all of the time for work so he agreed to go with me. We ended up leaving on Wednesday and coming back Thursday since I had to work on Friday. I was a little worried that two days wouldn’t be enough time to see much but we actually packed quite a bit in!

We decided to get an early start and left at about 5am Wednesday while it was still dark out. after about an hour and a half we made a quick stop to gas up & get some coffee. For some reason my coffee cup kept leaking & neither of us had any napkins so we had to pull over. I transferred the coffee into my travel mug and set the mug in the car on the passenger side floor while I tried mopping up some of the coffee off of myself when all of a sudden the mug tipped over and spewed hot coffee all over me like a scene from the exorcist! How does that happen?! How does coffee become pressurized enough to explode? Well anyways we got it under control and were back on our coffee-soaked way. The first place we decided to go was Jay Cooke State Park. We had been there a few times before so we didn’t spend much time exploring but it’s always a beautiful stop.

We got there just as the sun was rising.

The fall colors were in full force!

The swinging bridge:

The view from an overlook:

By now we were hungry so we stopped at Betty’s Pies in Two Harbors.

I would most definitely recommend this place! It was very quaint & friendly and the food was delicious!  Both Craig and I decided on the bumbleberry pancakes (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, & raspberries) YUM!

Craig in breakfast food heaven.

After breakfast, and even though we were happily stuffed and shouldn’t have we ordered pie. I mean, how can you go to a place named after pie and not get pie? Craig got strawberry rhubarb and I got the great lakes crunch. I think that this place will be a must for each north shore trip now 🙂

A ways up the road was our next stop at Gooseberry Falls State Park. We had been there a couple of times before but stopped anyways.

The upper falls.

We hadn’t ever made the hike to the fifth falls before so we decided to do that. I ended up being a bit puzzled though because when we got there we didn’t really see any waterfalls. It was more like small rapids. I guess that it probably looks a lot different in the spring when there’s more water.

Back to the middle & lower falls.

Then we decided to make the hike along the Gooseberry River to Lake Superior.

The hillside along the river.

Agate Beach.

It was more than a little windy at the lake.

The view of the middle & lower falls on the hike back to the car.

Craig wanted to show me Palisade Head:

A few other people were actually laying down on the edge of the cliff of a better view but I must admit that I can’t even walk to the very edge of places so high. Yeah, I get vertigo & feel like I’m going to fall.

The view of Shovel Point from Palisade Head.

Before the trip I had been searching around online for places to go & found Caribou Falls Wayside. From the road you just see a gravel parking lot but after a ¾ mile hike & some stairs you come upon a beautiful waterfall.

The view from the stairs.

Definitely worth the little hike. This waterfall felt like a hidden gem. 

Craig found a little cave to play in on the way back up the stairs:

Then Craig wanted to show me part of the Sawbill Trail.

This was probably the most colorful part of our trip but we couldn’t spend much time there because we wanted to get to Grand Marais before dark.

Huge red leaf.

Cute little squirrel getting fat on pine cones 🙂

We got to Grand Marais and found a place to stay then got to the harbor just in time for the sunset.

Exploring Artist’s Point.

A woman offered to take a photo of us together & I’m glad she did. I love this photo!

A view of the harbor with the Sawtooth mountains in the background.

Craig took some berries to plant at home.

The view of Artist’s Point from the beach.

We ended the day at My Sister’s Place where we were served beer in mason jars. Craig got one of their many burgers (he has a goal of trying each one) and I had their fungi burger (made with a portabella mushroom). Sooo good!


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