North Shore Trip (Day 2)

We got up a little before sunrise and had planned to eat breakfast at World’s Best Donuts but they weren’t quite open yet so we drove up to a scenic overlook for a view of the harbor at sunrise:

Then we decided to go down to the beach for a better view of the sunrise:

Then we ate our delicious breakfast of donuts and coffee 🙂

I found this door on The Beaver House to be quite creepy.

Sadly the giant walleye is missing it’s tail.

Judge C.R. Magney State Park isn’t too far north of Grand Marais and we had never been there so off we went!

The first little waterfall on the trail.

There were plenty of stairs on the trail. They are my enemy. I hate them. First you hike way up, then go down so many stairs that you get dizzy, then find the first waterfall, then go up more stairs to get to Devil’s Kettle Falls. Then you know what? You have to somehow get yourself back up all of the stairs you just went down. Yup, I’m really out of shape.

Devil’s Kettle Falls. One creepy & mysterious waterfall. The river splits in two as it goes over the falls. To the right the water continues down the river. To the left the water plummets into the deep, dark unknown. Really, nobody knows where it goes. Hence the name “Devil’s Kettle”. 

Back up those devilish stairs. 

A small section of stairs. They just keep going…

Then it was time to head south again. We made a quick little stop at Good Harbor Bay because Craig wanted rocks. Weirdo.

Next stop: Cascade River State Park:

Craig, thinking that he’s going to catch some fish with his bare hands.

His prey.

Trying another method.

In the end he just ended up finding a freshly dead one. Oh well.

On our way out of the park Craig spotted a male ruffed grouse in full display.

Of course I didn’t have my telephoto lens on me so I had to carefully get out of the car and quietly sneak closer & closer. This bird must have been a little on the dumb side because this photo was taken with my 18-70mm lens. I pretty much got right next to him.

Next stop: Temperance River State Park:

The river runs through this giant gorge.

Our last stop on our way home was Tettegouche State Park:

Since we didn’t have much time left before we had to get back home we just hiked straight to the “High Falls” of the baptism River. I was not expecting the steep hike to the trail. Oh man, I was like “when does this level off? I’m dying here!”. Yeah, I already told you I’m out of shape. So after that steep hike, then hiking on the trail for a ways you come to this. the top of the falls. I was like “Oh crap, you have to hike all of the way down into the valley to get a good look at the falls?! That means that I have to go all of the way back up. Ugh, stairs are my nemesis!” But what was the point of going all of that way to just see the top of the falls? So down we went.

The 60ft High Falls.

Then we were back up, down, & on our way home 🙂


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