Finally In Hawaii

After a couple of months of dreaming about Hawaii (it seemed a lot longer than that) I’m finally here! It wasn’t without travel problems though. Since it was so cold and snowing when we left the plane needed to be de-iced. So that took some extra time. Then we were going to take off & were most of the way down the runway when something went wrong with the plane so we had to turn back and have maintenance work done on the plane. After a while they found out that they had gotten some de-icing fluid somewhere that needed to be dried out. So after that we had to go through de-icing yet again and were finally on our way. This whole time we’re worried about our connecting flight since it was only a one hour layover & we were running something like two hours late. When we landed in Pheonix we found out that they delayed our connecting flight for us! So we rushed to the terminal & took off. After about a seven hour flight from Phoenix to Kona and being stuck on the other plane for over five hours we’re beat. 

p.s: While descending to land at the Kona airport I saw a humpback whale right below my window! Awesome!


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