Hawaii ~ 1/21

Our first full day in Hawaii. We decided to run over to Queen’s Marketplace for a few things and I ended up renting some snorkel gear for the week with dad at Blue Wilderness Dive Adventures. That was one thing that I regretted about last time I was in Hawaii, none of us did any snorkeling. So I was determined to this time.

One thing that I wanted to check off of my list this time was to take the Brewery tour at the Kona Brewery so down to Kona we went. On the way there we stopped at the International Market to browse around then took a quick drive down Alii Dr. My dad doesn’t like crowds so we didn’t stop anywhere, plus we needed to get to the brewery in time to sign up for the tour.

We got to the brewery and signed up for the tour just a little after 2pm. I guess that we got lucky because the hostess said that the tour is usually full by 2pm, especially on a Saturday. Just after we signed up the last available spots were taken and quite a few people had to be turned away. The tour itself was pretty short but very informative on the whole brewing process. Our tour guide was able to answer any question thrown his way. After the tour the drinking began.

The group is taken into the brew pub where we got to sample four of their beers for free (the sampler of 4 5oz glasses costs $9 on the menu). Our group got to sample the Longboard Lager, Wailua Wheat, Cataway IPA, & Pipeline Porter. Of course all of them were delicious and suprisingly mom even drank all of her samples even though she doesn’t really like beer! 

So happy 🙂

My favorite was the Pipeline Porter.

After the beer tasting we grabbed a seat and ordered their chips & salsa and a delicious wild mushroom pizza.

On our way back to the resort we stopped at Old Airport Beach Park to watch the sunset.

As you can see it’s not exactly the most “pretty” beach ever or really meant for swimming because of how rocky it is but it’ll do for sunset watching.

It’s named Old Airport beach because it actually used to be the airport until 1970. Now the old runway is the parking lot. 

White coral & black lava rock is everywhere on the big island. Many people will collect the coral in buckets to bring to the lava fields and arrange messages on it. Pretty much the whole drive from the airport to the Waikoloa resort area you’re driving through black lava fields decorated in white coral graffiti.


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