Hawaii ~ 1/23

This is the day that we went on the Sea Quest rafting & snorkeling adventure! I can honestly say it was my favorite part of the trip. A few years ago I wanted to try out snorkeling but didn’t get to. This was an awesome first time experience and I highly recommend them!

Right after we departed we spotted a small pod of dolphins that swam right up to the raft.

They were wonderful at taking us right up to the shoreline.

And into sea caves!

Manta rays!

Mom in her snorkel mask. I was a little uneasy jumping into the deep water with how paranoid I am of sharks but once I saw all of the beautiful corals and fish I was hooked!

The first place we snorkeled was Pu’uhonau o Honaunau (Place of Refuge). Sadly the underwater bag that I used on my camera ended up blurring most of my photos 😦 I wish I had an underwater camera.

More arches & caves.


Our other snorkel spot was the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay, which is supposed to be one of the best snorkel spots in the state.

I could literally snorkel those crystal clear waters all day.

Yellow tangs = pretty darn plentiful.


On the way back we spotted these two guys cliff diving.

On our way back to the resort we stopped by Kua Bay (Manini’owali).

*le sigh* So beautiful!


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