Hawaii ~ 1/24

For the first few days in Hawaii we kept hearing about the Kohala Zipline from other travelers raving about it or saying that they were going to go do it. I had already looked them up online before the trip so all of us were pretty set on going.

The little adventure starts at their station where everyone checks in and gets their gear fitted. Then we took a ride from there to the course in a pingauzer through a macadamia nut orchard and some ranch land.

Along the way we had to stop a few times for the cows to get off of the path.

A sweet little edible berry.

Mom & dad.

The first set of bridges. (mom hated the bridges)

Mom & I.

Dad flying down one of the lines.

Dad coming down the first rappel.

Some of the lines were so long that you couldn’t see where they ended.

Mom coming in off a long zipline.

One long bridge!

Flying through the trees!

The last zipline, a 1100ft long tandem line where you get to race one of your companions over the Kohala ditch!

I tried to take some video on the last zip. I had to hold my camera in the same hand as my harness so it’s a bit shaky/ unfocused. Oh well.

the course ends with one more rappel.

Our transportation, a pingauzer.

Afterwards we decided to eat at Minnie’s Ohana Lim Style.

After we filled up we made our way down to Kapaa Beach Park for some whale watching.

We weren’t seeing anything so we were about to leave but then a splash in the distance caught my attention.

I don’t have much of a telephoto lens on my camera so this is as good of a photo that I got. Two whales were out there slapping their tails in the same spot for about ten minutes straight!

After all of that was over we drove a little further down the road to check out Mahukona Beach Park. We didn’t stay there very long, just enough to walk around a bit.

Back at the resort dad & I decided to drive over to the Hilton for the sunset. Unfortunately the sun went behind the clouds so there wasn’t much of one so we just did some walking around.

The Hilton’s dolphins.

This place has a cat problem.

A turtle in the lagoon.


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