News To Me

Yikes, I have come to the conclusion that I have so much junk to go through! I’m already not a fan of this whole packing and wondering what’s going to fit in my car thing. Today I decided to open up “the closet of no return”. In my bedroom I have two closets, one for my clothes and the other is one that I started stowing away junk in about ten years ago and closed off by putting furniture in front of it. Nice, I know. So I open this thing up and immediately just want to close it back up and never look at it again. But I can’t. Stuff immediately flew out of it the moment I opened the door. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I have a stoneware set hiding somewhere in that dark abyss. So onward I go, digging my way through. Then jackpot! My stoneware set that I bought about nine years ago because it was on clearance (& I might be crazy)! I continue to dig. What? Another stoneware set! Ooh, and a serving set, and an onion soup set! 

I seriously didn’t know that I owned these things. I remember buying ONE 16pc set, that’s it. My seventeen year old self must have blacked out buying the rest. Such is the magic and wonder of “the closet of no return”. 


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