Well, Here I Am

Well, I made it. I never thought that I would be able to make a drive over five hours in length but I did! I think that I must have just gone into zombie mode or something. I probably didn’t even blink. And I went through half a bottle of pepto-bismol. Yup, I just admitted that. I can’t help that I get anxiety really easy and it makes my tummy hurt. Anywho, I made only one little quick stop (besides for gas) and that was at the flea market just outside of Beaver Bay. I ended up with a pair of salt and pepper shakers with orange poppies on them. I was so excited to catch my first glimpse of Lake Superior right before getting into Duluth! That perked me right up! I thought okay, so two more hours at this point but at least I’m driving near the coast now! It is a pretty drive once you get to the lake. I had to fight myself not to pull over at any parks or overlooks because I was short on time but you can still see a couple of waterfalls while quickly passing over them. I was also really paranoid about deer. Like jump at any movement on the side of the road paranoid. But no deer, thankfully!

My first day here I didn’t really accomplish much. I got here in the evening, unloaded my car, ran to get food, tried to unpack some of the crazy amount of stuff I had packed, & zonked out after seeing how bloodshot & horrid my eyes looked. This morning I slept in, woke up with still bloodshot eyes, did some more unpacking, got frustrated with not being able to get an internet connection, and ran into town for a quick little trip. I managed to get my PO Box set up and got my mom a little something for mother’s day 🙂 Then I walked over to the bike shop and spent over an hour there! I’m looking for a bike that I can put a big rack on the back for groceries, shopping, & going to the laundromat. Oh, & it has to get up one massive hill where I live.  Yeah, for some reason I was thinking that it was relatively flat in town. Not! Good thing that I didn’t buy a cruiser or wimpy 3 speed before I came up here! I ended up test riding three different bikes and got an idea of what I want. The owner of that shop is so informative, helpful, and just plain nice! She taught me things that I never knew about bikes. I mean, I really haven’t gone on a bike ride since I was a kid so I really felt like a newbie. I’m going back down there tomorrow and will probably get my new bike ordered. I know that I could always order one myself easy-peasy over the internet, but I think it’s a good thing to help support local businesses. She even said that I could borrow one for the day and see how it rides and how easy or difficult it is to get up this darn hill 🙂

My new house is pretty darn tiny but cute. I guess it doesn’t need to be too big for one person, right? I just wish that the bedroom, closet, and bathroom were bigger! The bathroom is so small that it’s just the toilet with a small stall shower across from it. The sink isn’t even in there. It’s in my bedroom. I think that the bathroom used to just be a closet that they decided to put plumbing in, no joke. The back of the shower stall acts as part of the closet wall and the shower head is positioned so low that I have to crouch a little to wash my hair! But oh well, i have to look on the bright side. Like how quiet it is because it’s a house, no sharing walls like in an apartment! I have a yard with a bunch of trees for privacy, and a back porch to lounge around on (pictured above). Plus there’s lots of light inside because there’s lots of windows, which I guess opens the space up a bit. Tonight I got around to washing the majority of my dishes to put away. This place actually came fully furnished including dishes but I want to use my own so I packed theirs away. I don’t know, I guess using my own stuff makes me feel more at home. Also, tonight I finally got my phone tethered to my laptop! super exciting because I think that I was starting to go crazy with no tv or internet, although my connection is probably too slow through my phone to stream movies or anything 😦 It truly brings me back to the days of dial-up slowness. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with that, especially for uploading mass quantities of photos!

Well, I better get to bed so I don’t get up too late again. this town closes up pretty darn early, like at 5pm early! Hopefully that will change a little for tourist season. 


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