I Have A Great Dad

So great, in fact that he’s willing to drive over five hours to see me and bring up a couple pieces of furniture. He got up here this afternoon and we decided to go out to eat at My Sister’s Place and he tried their famous Goober Burger, like what Andrew Zimmern ate on Bizarre Foods. After that we took a quick little walk in the harbor. At least the winds had died down and it didn’t rain like I thought it was going to. Earlier today when I got out of my car in the harbor parking lot I was almost blown over with the cold wind but thankfully that was not the case later on.

Dad, with the coast guard station behind him.

It almost doesn’t seem real that I officially live here now. It’s so beautiful!

When we got back to my place I felt kinda bad that I don’t have any form of entertainment. No television and my internet connection through my phone is too slow to stream movies. So dad decided that we might as well go to sleep, well he’s sleeping & I’m blogging 🙂 I’m nocturnal, I can’t help it. He’s going to get up early to go over to Craig’s in Ely to get this really old stove from Craig’s basement. So that means I have to be up early too I guess. Nighty night!


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