Feeling Fortunate

It’s been less than a week since I moved here without a job or a clue of what the heck I was doing. Really, not a clue. I just figured that I would up and leave the place that I was at because I wasn’t happy and move here because it seemed like a beautiful, good-natured town and completely different from where I was. Now today was already the first day of training at a new job that I just got yesterday! Now that was quick! And I feel extremely lucky for it. I think that I will really like it, too. It’s a job that I can actually feel good about for a change, and that’s never happened before. I want to start living a healthier lifestyle and learn more about whole foods so this will most definitely help. I’m sure that I have a lot to learn! The day after I got here I checked out the bike shop and ordered a city bike to get around town on and lug groceries with. I think it’s supposed to be here tomorrow so I’ll be really excited to start riding instead of driving. Truthfully, I don’t live very far away from anywhere in town. Work is just under a mile away so I could always walk but biking is faster and a lot more fun.

Now, one thing that I’ve been feeling guilty about is that I haven’t gone around town and explored yet. Here I am, in one of the most beautiful towns in Minnesota and I haven’t tried taking any good photos of it yet! Tsk, tsk! This evening I told myself that I should go down to the harbor to take some photos at sunset and did I? Nope. I’ll have to change that soon.


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