Dear Rain,

You remember that time, like yesterday when I made this face:

And said “Bring it, rain! I dare you!”. You know that I wasn’t serious, right? Well, I think that you may have taken it the wrong way because today you most definitely “brought it”. I did a pretty good test run of my new rain jacket today and I’m glad to say that it works perfectly. My wellies most definitely got tested, too. Now see, my wellies are fairly tall but still below my knees and completely useless if the water is MUCH deeper than the wellies are tall. They literally become wells of water that you have to dump out once you reach dry land. I must have really angered you, rain, because you came to get me where I work. A coworker asked me if she could borrow my boots to go out and move her car and of course I said yes. I was in the back of the store at that time and thought “Hey, maybe I should go see where she’s parked and see if I need to move my car too.” Holy freaking crap!

I just stared out at the parking lot in disbelief. “My car! My poor car!” Why didn’t anyone make an announcement that Lake Superior was in our parking lot?! As soon as she got in she apologized for my wet boots and I proceeded to put them on because it’s better to wear already wet boots out there than to also get my shoes wet. “Well, this should be fun!” So I made the slow walk through the lake to my car. My poor car. The water was right up to the door so I had to very slowly open it so a whole bunch of water wouldn’t pour in. I’m sure that if I had gotten out there any later I’d have a very wet (even more than it is) car interior. Thank goodness she started up, even though she choked a little and the battery light came on. “C’mon, Mabel (my car’s name is Mabel), you’re going to make it!” So I drove her very carefully out of the parking lot, across the flooding road, and parked her on higher ground. I then had to wade my way back to work and dump water from my boots when I reached the door. I was soaked to the bone from the hips down. “I am in a very unhappy place right now”. So I slogged my way through the store, my boots suction-cupped on from water still being trapped in them until we finally closed a little early after they decided to close the road. I just can’t believe people. Who in their right mind would go grocery shopping in a monsoon like this? So anyways, when I got back to Mabel she seemed to be fine and I got home and was able to pour the water from my boots once again and hang up my clothes to dry.


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