Playing Tourist

Yesterday after my early morning work meeting I didn’t have much going on. I got some planting done and had an unpainted clay pot so I figured that I would paint it:

Then I was a bit bored again so I figured that I would take a nice, long walk around town. It was the perfect day. 70 and sunny with a slight lake breeze 🙂

I have to admit that I felt a little bit like a tourist, wandering around taking photos with my point & shoot and phone, reading all of the informational signs,

I lounged around on the beach for a bit and noticed these kids actually in their swim suits and going into the water, which happens to be only about 40 degrees. They didn’t enjoy it, that’s for sure. I think it was more of a male “who can stand being in the icy water” thing.

Everyone loves the giant walleye protruding from the side of The Beaver House.

Murals, murals everywhere!

I’m pretty much in love with this one. It looks so classic, but then he’s feeding a squirrel 🙂

Moose are the prominent animal in Grand Marais.

A quick drink before heading to the lighthouse:

Yup, I see lots of walks like this in my future this summer.


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