One Month

Last night I came to the realization that I’ve been in Grand Marais for exactly one month now. I was asked how long I had been up here and I said that I came up on May 9th. “So exactly one month”. Wow, where has time gone? Everything just fell into place so quickly & I feel like I’ve been keeping busy. It’s crazy how I almost never know what day of the month it is. I also don’t watch television or know what’s going on in the news. I love that. The news was always so darn depressing anyways. Who needs that weighing heavy on their mind all of the time? I’ve also noticed that there is a thing that I will call “Grand Marais time”, too. Very similar to “island time”. Everyone is just so laid back. I’ve just now started to hang out with people. Let me tell you, the people up here are amazing! Seriously, the most friendly, inviting, accepting, and interesting people ever! I have yet to feel unwelcome. The other night I was asked what my favorite thing about this town was and I had to say “the people”. I’m naturally very introverted so I would never think that I would answer a a question like that with that particular answer.  On Friday I went to the tavern because a coworker was going to see the band that was playing. I got there before them but immediately ran into a few other familiar faces and met even more new people. It seems like I meet a couple of new people almost every day. I love it. And have I mentioned how darn beautiful this place is?! I mean, most people would be glad enough to live in a friendly town but this place also has extreme beauty. There is just something so magnetic about this place and the lake. The lake itself is like a sea with a beautifully rugged shoreline, complete with seagulls, otters, sailors, & fishermen. I love how I didn’t have to move out of Minnesota to be in a place like that. Oh, and the fog! I’ve never been to a place so foggy before. The other day the fog just hung out in the bright sunlight all day. Gotta love that lake fog! It’s so cool to see it march all of the way up the hill to where I live too. It’s just otherworldly. This summer weather so far is pretty much perfect. 60’s-70’s with a cool lake breeze. Lake Superior has that whole natural air conditioning thing down to a perfect science 🙂 So, yeah. So far I LOVE it here! It seems like this summer is going to be a complete blast! There has been talk of swimming in the lake & in waterfalls, hiking, parties on the beach, & even sailing.


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