Craig, Emily, & Gypsy In Grand Marais

Yesterday my brother, his girlfriend Emily, & Gypsy (the pup) came to Grand Marais to escape the heat in Ely. And to eat. I guess that it’s been miserably warm over there and you can practically swim through the humidity. Not the case here in Grand Marais. Gotta love that big, beautiful lake! I mean it’s gotten warm (mid to upper 70’s) but not unbearably hot. It’s usually much cooler down by the harbor, too. 

As soon as they got here they ran over to World’s Best donuts and had a couple of donuts each and then met me at my place. From there we walked down to the harbor and Gypsy dipped her paws in Lake Superior for the first time. 

On a food quest we stopped at Sydney’s Frozen Custard for a delicious snack on their roof.

More walking around the lake to Artist’s Point.

Gypsy was pretty freaked out by this rock & wouldn’t stop growling at it. As we were walking away she bolted because she didn’t want to turn her back to it.

A quick walk to the lighthouse & some frolicking on the breakwater.

Gypsy seemed to be a bit humiliated being carried around inside shops like this.

The food at The Angry Trout is just so pretty.

I love outdoor eating. Especially when it’s on a dock with a view like this!

After dinner we walked over to the tavern to listen to Bump and Barbara Jean.

Gypsy ended up being quite the little celebrity. Everyone wanted to pet & play with her and know what kind of dog she is. For those of you wondering, she’s a patterdale terrier. I was saying that we should strap a tip jar around her.

The way I eat my pickled eggs: drown them in sriracha hot sauce. Make sure they are fully coated. Proceed to drink any left over hot sauce once egg is consumed. 

Craig got four more eggs for the road.


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