July In A Nutshell

Honestly, where did July go? It doesn’t even feel like that whole month happened. Summer is moving by way too quickly and I can’t believe that autumn is now just around the corner! It makes me feel guilty for not making the most out of every single day this summer but I guess that everyone needs their downtime, too. Now let’s see, the month started out with my brother, Craig visiting with his girlfriend, Emily and the pup, Gypsy:

They were escaping the heat of Ely that day and Craig even said to Emily “Next summer we’re living in Grand Marais.” So who knows, maybe I’ll have some family living up here next year?

Then it was the night of the fourth. I was pretty excited about fireworks because I had never really ever been to an actual 4th of July fireworks show. Sad, I know. Maybe I did when I was a kid but I was probably too young to remember? I just remember living out in the country and never going into town for them. We’d just watch them way off in the distance. Maybe my parents didn’t want to deal with the crowds? I don’t know. The 4th was actually a really rainy day and it seemed like it was clearing up just in time for the fireworks to start but then a little thunderstorm passed through, clearing up just at the start of the show.

This summer I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m horribly out of shape and any sport that involves running up and down a field is not for me i.e. soccer and ultimate frisbee. I’m an embarrassment. At least I’m getting used to biking home up those hills!

I’m honestly a little intimidated and feeling a bit inadequate up here. Most of the younger people are either very physically or artistically talented. Or both. It’s a great mix of people with the love for the outdoors and artists. I love the outdoors, & I love art. I just have to get off of my ass and apply myself.

My other visitors this month. My uncle Rick & new aunt, Diane were up here on their north shore honeymoon and stopped in Grand Marais for the day.

Of course there are always parties and BBQs to go to. I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone who has greeted me with open arms here 🙂 

Everyone is crazy amazing and of course, always interesting 🙂

My first time seeing northern lights up here!

Adam’s place is always a great time. How can you go wrong with badminton & slackline?!

I’m determined to succeed at this, at least. I think the furthest that I’ve gotten is three steps. It’s much more difficult than it looks. At first I couldn’t even stand on the darn thing so I’ve made a little bit of progress.

Towards the end of July I had to come back to the metro area for a few days for my cousin Betsy’s wedding. I got home one evening, crashed, ran a bunch of errands the next day, shot the wedding, & decided to drive back the day after the wedding. I was planning on staying home one day longer but I just didn’t want to let another summer weekend slip through my fingers. So I made the five hour drive and as soon as I got back up here I found myself at a forest service gathering. A long, tiring day but completely worth it.

Playing “super mega double awesome cornhole” as I unofficially call it.

Time spent around the fire has been priceless. I love the forest service group. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up volunteering some day?

On the last day of the month I ended up going to the first annual “Northern Lights Ramble” to watch Barbara Jean and a couple of members from The Pines.

Another perfectly laid back evening with perfect weather, music, new acquaintances & introductions, and new friends. That’s one thing that I love about this little town. No matter where you go you can almost guarantee that you’re going to run into a friend or two. And if you end up in a place that you don’t know anyone that doesn’t last long because everyone is so friendly and makes you feel welcome.


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