Another Reason To Actually Like Where I Work

I guess that I haven’t ever really blogged about where I now work on here. Well, I work at the local co-op/whole foods store. And, even though I wouldn’t describe being a grocery stocker as my “dream job” I can’t really complain, especially when I look back at the nightmares that were my previous jobs before moving. There really aren’t many negatives about where I work now so here are the positives: It’s a co-op (member owned & operated), I can feel good about what we sell there, it’s a great gathering place, I’m eating healthier, it’s a small store with a great atmosphere, and of course I work with great people. Just this morning at the meeting we were talking about our staff party. It’s going to be out on Paradise Beach, camping out optional. Now really, how many places have staff parties on the beach like that? OK, maybe up here but I can’t think of any back home. It’s such a laid back, easy going group, too. When talking about what to bring for food and drink my manager said “forget beer, hard alcohol is much more efficient.” Yup, yup, yup 🙂


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