Caribou Rock Trail

Monday morning I was dead tired. On Saturday I had worked a full shift until close and then went out to what I guess I could call the party of the year. Well, I stayed out until the early morning hours and then had to work the next day. So on Monday I was in a bit of a recovery sleep/coma. At about 10:30 I thought that I heard someone rudely banging on my door but I was too tired to give a flying fig. Then a little before noon Monica called. This I did care about. She was planning on maybe hiking up the Kadunce River and wanted to know if I’d be interested in going. Of course! Monica is so sweet and I really needed to get out into nature. <rant> On my way out the door I found a religious brochure (the rude sleep-interrupters) and immediately crumpled it up & threw it away. Seriously people, quit wasting paper on that stuff! <rant> I was planning on just walking down to her place to meet up with her but silly me decided last minute that driving would be quicker. Not! Every time that I’ve made the decision to drive in this town instead of walk or bike I’ve regretted it. It’s such a small town and can turn into a real zoo with all of the tourists. I almost got into two collisions in the short ride down there and couldn’t even find a place to park so I had to loop around and park up the street. It probably took just as long as if I would’ve walked. Lesson learned.  

We made a quick stop at the co-op for some pluots and then decided to head up the Gunflint Trail instead of hiking the river because we were all of a sudden in a downpour and were hoping that it would clear up while we were driving, which it did. On our way we stopped at the dairy farm for some yogurt. What? A dairy farm up there? Yup. It just doesn’t seem like farmland to me up there but it works. And boy, those cows have a beautiful view of the lake! 

We ended up deciding on hiking Caribou Rock Trail with Monica’s friend, Mark who lives out that way.

On our way up the trail, and throughout the trip we kept saying “Wow, it’s so beautiful!) It was truly a perfect day after the rain shower passed. I love, love, love how I’m constantly in awe of my new backyard. Even when I’m taking out the recycling at work I get to look out at the lake and I always exclaim "It’s just so f***ing beautiful!” I never want to lose that. I want to be surrounded by beauty every day and be in complete awe of it. 

Just a short hike up Caribou Rock Trail you get this view of West Bearskin lake.

Monica & I.

Mark saying that you could see the roof of his house from here. But we never found it. And his roof is green. Way worse than where’s waldo.

My first time crossing over into the “wilderness”.

Moss Lake.

We kept hiking until we saw Duncan Lake and then cut trough back to the trail since we were short on time. While we were climbing over logs we saw these little beauties:

I love how Monica likes to take time to appreciate how beautiful the little things are and stops to take photos, too.

On a couple of different websites it says that this trail is supposed to be “moderate to difficult” but I didn’t think it was bad. Oddly, I would much rather do some climbing around rather than walk up and down stairs on a trail.

This is a new favorite photo of mine 🙂

After that little hike we headed down to West Bearskin Lake and canoed across to their friend’s cabin for me to see real quick.

Monica and I decided to swim back across the lake so Mark canoed our clothes back. We decided that while we were drying off that we would paddle around in search for white water lilies. 


Since the canoe didn’t have three seats I just sat in the middle on a life jacket.

We didn’t find any lilies but did see a bald eagle. It was starting to get cold and dark so we headed back and Monica demonstrated gunwale pumping:

We ended the day at the Trail Center Lodge with some delicious malts 🙂

Monica eating “too much dairy”. A cheeseburger, cheesy fries, & a vanilla malt. I got a maple malt with cajun fries. Mmmmm.

Thanks Monica for the awesome day and getting me to finally go up the gunflint a ways! 


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