Five Mile Rock Beach

On the 6th Monica and I decided to take a little bike ride just east of town.

Monica has been scoping out various apple trees in anticipation for when the apples become ripe.

We continued down through Croftville Rd. which is just so beautiful! I really should have made some stops to take photos but I was enjoying coasting along the shoreline past all of the quaint little cabins too much to stop. I’ll have to take another ride down there as soon as the fall colors are in full effect!

We didn’t really have a destination in mind, but we ended up at five mile rock beach.

Sitting on the beach, eating trail mix, skipping rocks, & watching a sailboat. Pretty relaxing.

Monica tossing the rocks, because she like the sound they make. They’re very flat and sound like porcelain or pottery.

On our way back into town we ran into Jeremy so we decided to have a little chat in the grass as it drizzled on us for a bit.

This town is just so darn quaint. Probably because it’s so small. Everyone knows everyone and you’re almost guaranteed to run into a friend.


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