Wickedly Beautiful

I didn’t really have anything on the agenda today except for buying slippers. Oh yeah, so cool I know. But seriously, the nights are getting downright cold and the days are a bit chilly. But in a good way, a crisp fall air way. The last few days though, my poor little tootsies have been freezing! So much so that instead of watching a movie in my comfy chair that I opted instead to take a hot shower and jump into bed to watch it just because I couldn’t stand how cold my feet were! New slippers = necessity! So after it stopped raining I walked down to Monica’s and we went over to Joynes for some cozy wool socks and slippers 🙂 After that we made a stop at the trading post for the latest issue of Outside Magazine because Monica’s couch surfer/friend, Daniel Alvarez is featured in it. He stayed at her place for six days this summer. He’s kayaking all of the way from the northernmost part of Minnesota down to Key West, Florida!

As we left the trading post we noticed some waves breaking on the wall so we made our way over there. Oh my, so so beautiful! I was definitely kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

But thank goodness for camera phones! The dark blue sky, turquoise green in the waves, and the lovely autumn hues of red, orange, & yellow making their appearance. The Sawtooth mountains were deep, deep blue with sun streaks and mist. That however, I couldn’t get on my phone, no zoom 😦

I can’t wait for the storms to REALLY whip up!


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