Stubbornly Cold

Happy autumnal equinox, everyone! The colors are beautiful, the air is crisp, & it’s getting flipping cold! I live in a tiny guest house and haven’t turned on the heater yet. Not for lack of trying though. I can’t get the pilot light lit on my wall heater so I’ve been freezing my butt off in here. Mornings are the worse. I wake up shivering in bed although I have plenty of blankets on. And then it comes time to actually throw the covers off and get out of bed. Ehhh, first thing I do in the morning is run for the coffee maker to get some hot coffee in my system as soon as I can. I’ve been a tea brewing fool, too. Any excuse to use the stovetop and drink or eat something hot. I checked the temperature in here today & guess what? 50°. That doesn’t sound too bad but maybe I’m being a wuss. I’ve been thinking about asking my landlord to help me turn the heat on but am having trouble with being a stubborn Minnesotan that doesn’t want to be labeled as a sissy.


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