I Could Do This All Season

Monica and I ended up on the breakwall again today to watch the waves. That lake of ours has been quite moody lately and I just love it!

These kids were probably frozen but were having too much fun to care.

I’m not going to say that none of these people got hit by any waves… because a few did.

Uhhh, waves are just so powerfully beautiful!

There were some wild sets! As you can see, some people had to do some clinging to the wire railing…

Then Monica and I ran across to watch from the lighthouse.

We were out at the lighthouse chatting to some guys visiting from Chicago and we noticed someone jumping through the waves on the breakwall, Jill! One of the guys were nice enough to take a photo of the three of us: Jill, me, & Monica 🙂

I could honestly sit out there all day to watch and listen to the waves. I know that the best is yet to come once the autumn/winter storms get here!


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