I want to love you like the monster loves a flower
disarming as a bird flying backwards
and my heart is a pomegranate
and how long have I ached for your hands on my stomach?
I want to love you like the monster loves the flower
I want to know you like the clock knows the hour
I want to see you with both my eyes forward
In the fields of rye and up in the rafters

And oh to know the nape of your neck;
It would be the length of my whole self
To swoon if for to stretch beneath a fleshy ground

Into a blood red sea
In the wax of a whale
Meet me down there, deep down
Where I am dark and pale

This longing I inherit, how it makes me shameful
This armor how I wear it till I can no longer
And all the while in your blue so sallow
As bitter as the snake that craftily crallows
On the cracked tongue of the quake in the shadows

I am a ribcage, I’m a sailor, I’m an arrow
I am a monster with the wings of a blind sparrow
And I want to touch you like the seed touches the soil
I want to hold you like the milk holds the spoil
Sing to me
Cling to me

And what of this cacophonous-these broken strings?
And what of this, the blood red kiss, the beast in the sea?
I’ll hush it now and I will sing it songs to put it to sleep
And leave it there without a care that it might know a dream.


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