Dad & Craig ~ A Short Visit

Last Friday my dad and brother came up for a quick little visit. Too bad that they didn’t two weeks earlier for the fall color. It’s been quite grey and misty/rainy/snowy the past couple of weeks.

After my dad fixed the upstairs sink and installed a battery charger on my car we walked over to My Sister’s Place for dinner and then headed up to the Pincushion Mtn. Overlook. From there you get a nice view of this lovely little town and the harbor.

I’m also in love with the ever-present Sawtooth Mountain Range.

Just little patches of yellow left.

The three of us.

After walking around Pincushion a bit we continued up the Gunflint and ended up stopping at the dairy farm. Yes, Grand Marais has a dairy farm. Weird, eh? I ended up buying some fresh yogurt and my dad talked up the farmer about the odd/awesome location of the farm and wolf pack harassing the cows.

We were greeted by a horde of chickens.

The happiest cows in Minnesota. Or at least the ones with the best view.


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