I need sun. Oh my goodness, I feel like it’s been dark for two, maybe three weeks straight. Not joking here. The sunset today was at 4:21pm. It’s been pretty much overcast all of that time too. This whole week they’ve been moving the co-op and I’ve slipped back into my nocturnal tendencies pretty bad. Like staying up until almost 6am bad. Then of course I don’t get up until late, don’t get any sun because it’s overcast/cold, and catch a glimpse of the sunset (those have been phenomenal lately, at least). Then it’s just the dark of the night. At least our night skies here are amazing when clouds aren’t in the way. I’m still riding my bike around out in the cold until it gets icy/snowy. That sure wakes me up. Especially that blustery cold night breeze. The past couple of nights were crystal clear and starry. If only I could get vitamin D from moon/starlight…

Right now the only thing keeping me from going completely bonkers is Winterer’s Gathering at the folk school this weekend. On Thursday night I went down there for the intern portfolio show. It was a good gathering of awesome people and the interns had all of their projects on display.Candace made a yurt, Beth a wall tent, & Ian a cedar strip canoe.

Candace’s yurt.

Beth’s tent.

Last night was open fire night, the beginning of the arctic film festival, & the big contra dance. I hung out by the fires quite a bit and chatted to a few people that were winter camping and taking classes. I also tried a dance. My housemate and a couple of friends are really into contra dancing so I figured that I should at least try it out. I guess the best way to describe it is “folk” dancing. It’s similar to court and country dancing, I guess. Wow, I ended up being quite confused and dizzy. The particular dance that I took part in had quite a bit of spinning involved.

The band.

Monica, sad that she just missed the dance because she was working.

But Jeremy came to the rescue.

Contra Dance 11/16 from Sarah on Vimeo.

After the dance I joined a whole group from up the trail at the tavern. There was talk about a sauna and jumping into a frozen lake. Oh the things to look forward to this winter!


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