So my holiday schedule went a little something like this:

I left Grand Marais to my parent’s house in Hastings on Friday, down to Owatonna for my dad’s side Christmas on Saturday, over to Spring Valley, WI to see my cheeseheads on Sunday, then up to Ham Lake on Christmas, and back up to Grand Marais yesterday. Pretty busy. I designated Christmas Eve as my day of rest. I refused to get into a car.

It was a pretty good trip. I thought that five nights was going to seem really long but it moved along pretty quick. I guess that’s what being busy does. It was really great seeing family & friends. I hadn’t seen my Wisconsin friends for over a year and so much had changed! Three new babies and a pregnancy. So weird. We used to have girl’s nights and go to bars and clubs. Now they’re all married with families of their own. We’re most definitely at different places in our life. I’ll admit that it was quite chaotic over there and I even said that it was good birth control. No babies anytime soon for me!

The drive back home didn’t go as quick or smooth as the drive down. My service engine light came on as soon as I got to Hastings and I figured that it would just go back off as usual. No such luck. Almost immediately after leaving Hastings my car got stuck in overdrive. That made me pretty darn nervous! Poor Mable! (my car.) I kept an eye on how hot the engine was getting and it stayed right in the middle. Usually it’s all of the way at “C”. Yikes. I stopped to get gas right before getting to Duluth and when I turned my car back on it went back to normal. Phew!!! After that the drive was pretty good until just before entering Cook County. All of a sudden it was snowing, and it was dark out. I hate driving in the dark and don’t know the road too well yet. At least I hit a good train of cars to follow. As soon as I got to Grand Marais there was nothing. We still don’t have snow on the ground. I swear, this town has some sort of protective bubble around it. 

I think that all of that traveling, not being able to sleep, poor diet (I ate mostly christmas cookies & dinner rolls), and wandering around in single degree temps without a jacket or even a sweater on because I oddly didn’t feel cold weakend my immune system. Of course as soon as I laid down to go to sleep last night I noticed that my throat hurt and my nose was stuffy. Grrr, foreign germs! At least I know that it was someone that I love that gave it to me. All of that friends and family hugging that went down. That should be solace enough, right? Well all of it got worse today. Headache, sinus pressure, stuffy nose, sore throat, gah.  I ended up getting a neti pot/squirt bottle thing from the free bin at work. I gave it a try when I got home but my left nasal passage is so congested/swollen that instead of streaming effortlessly through that nostril the solution went into then out of my mouth. And then I accidentally swallowed some. And now my tummy hurts. Yay! Fun fun fun.


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