What was supposed to be a quick little photo walk after running a couple of errands became more of a marathon. I can’t help it. Look where I live! It’s so flipping gorgeous! At one point I just sat on the cold rocks completely hypnotized by the rolling and crashing waves. “Okay, I’m shivering. I wasn’t planning on being out here for so long. I’m not dressed for this. What was supposed to be maybe ten minutes turned into an hour. I’m walking back now…. Oh! look how the sun is shining through the waves! No! I’m frozen, I’m really going back now…. Oh! Sunset! Pretty pretty! I’m shaking now… going home.” I get into the car and turn on the heat. Then I glance out of the windshield. “Holy crap! The colors! The sunset just got better!” I get out of the car and snap a few more. I was out there for over an hour and chilled to the bone but didn’t care. It was beautiful.


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