Mit Lake Skijor

The road to Mit Lake

Blue skies, warm sun, and still cool enough out to do something active. What to do with this beautiful day off together? I needed to see a place that was new to me. Josh suggested Mit Lake. A skijor to Mit Lake. I was opposed to the skijor  part of the plan. Me on skis + a big, strong, energetic dog that was born to pull attached to me = most of my time is spent floundering in the snow.  But what the heck. We loaded up all three dogs into the truck and headed off to the road that leads to Mit Lake. Nobody had been through since the beginning of winter. We had the road & the lake all to ourselves. I didn’t last long with Vistonic pulling me around. After a few falls I unhooked him and let him run free ahead of Josh, Wimzi, & Typhoon. I decided that I was just going to ski solo.

Wimzi & Typhoon pulling Josh through the side-trail to the lake

Josh & the dogs ended up way ahead of me and I would catch up to him whenever he would have a wipe-out & had trouble getting back up. I was a little worried to see that the creek flowing out of the lake wasn’t frozen, but luckily the lake itself was.

Looking out over Mit Lake


It had been windy out recently, so the entire lake was covered in snow drifts. No smooth ride here.dscf3170dscf3120

I decided again to just solo ski the lake. I would catch up during Josh’s wipe- outs and Vistonic would happily run up to check on me and then run back to the rest of the pack.




On the other side of the Lake everyone had a break and Josh & I enjoyed a beer & some snacks.dscf3185dscf3178.

Vistonic waiting patiently as everyone takes a break.

On the way back I was determined to try skijoring again. I strapped my ski poles to Josh’s backpack and just held on to Vistonic’s leash with both hands. We were off! We quickly caught up to and passed Josh. We were running at 9mph and getting back across the lake took no time at all.



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