Gray Days

dscf3258dscf3269We’re in the midst of a January thaw. It feels like deja-vu. Like walking through a dream. Mist in the air, fog so thick that it’s melding with the snow to create one vast milky wall of white. It feels like spring came early. Much too early.dscf3270dscf3281Less than a week ago it was -26°F. Now it’s above freezing. I’d rather have it be cold and sunny than warm & dreary.dscf3300 dscf3303To get myself out of the dark house I decided that it would be a good time to pack down a trail to and across the pond in my snowshoes. Vistonic was playing with something out in the middle of the pond. I was curious to see if it was fur from a kill. I bent over to get a close look and suddenly found myself IN the pond. Luckily only one leg went in – up to my hip and I was able to roll myself out and away from the hole. What the heck?! I figured that our little pond would be frozen solid and would be safe. This must have been a muskrat hole. Goes to show that no ice is really ever “safe”. You never know when you’ll accidentally step into a hole that a critter made…dscf3311dscf3314dscf3320


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