This winter has been a roller coaster of unpredictability when it comes to the weather. Normal…not so much…..freezing cold…..thaw…freeze….thaw. That thunderstorm on Christmas night, that week where it was 50° and everyone thought spring was coming early, rivers never entirely froze, and sadly no lake ice on Superior. March is halfway over and we only got a trace amount of snow all month. During the first week we had pouring rain that turned the landscape into an icescape. Then on the 6th it was dense fog & lightning. The next day it turned into blizzard-like conditions of snow and fierce winds. Those winds on the 7th & 8th created some big waves on the lake. Those big waves along with the freezing temperatures created ice sculptures along the lake.


I stayed hunkered down at home during the winds since I had those days off of work. I came into town on the 9th early before work so I could catch a phone call with Josh before he flew out to Unalakleet & wouldn’t be able to message or call me. I pulled up to the coast guard parking lot to make my phone call & these wonderful ice sculptures were waiting for me.


I had no idea about the waves that had happened because I don’t have internet at home. I really wish that the local radio station would give big wave alerts for those of us who enjoy wave watching. I would’ve come into town for that!


It has been cold enough that the sculptures didn’t melt in the sun. On the 13th I drove past and they’re still there! It’s like “real” winter again. A frozen landscape like how it’s supposed to be this time of year.



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